Yogic Philosophy and Emotional Attunement

Led by Lara Darrow
Saturday, August 29th, 1:30-4:30pm
$45 if registered by 8/22 | $55 thereafter
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This Workshop Includes:
  • 30 minute yoga practice
  • Learning about yogic philosophy
  • Practicing emotional attunement techniques on the mat to support your practice during hard times
What You Can Expect:

This workshop is about the philosophy and psychology of yoga. It also about the practice of using yoga as a tool to come into emotional acceptance. We will explore the “eight limbs of yoga” including the practice of self-witness, contentment, concentration, union with the divine, discipline, purity, celebration and compassion. We will also cover how to use yoga to come into emotional authenticity and transformation as well as how to practice self-acceptance in yoga class and in life off the mat.

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Meet Lara Darrow:

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