Prenatal Yoga

The prenatal yoga class at Putney Moves was the first support I found in my pregnancy. Having to switch providers three times—it became the one consistent space I could count on to feel encouraged, understood and supported to love, nurture and embrace my pregnant body. Even at times when my movement was limited by different health factors, I came for the community that Amanda created. The class cared for my body, heart and spirit in a way I never could have anticipated. -Rosie

Taught by Amanda Upton
Every Tuesday
Use your Putney Moves Class Pass or Membership to attend! Drop-in rate is $15.

Prenatal yoga enhances and empowers a woman’s experience of pregnancy and birth on all levels. Physically, prenatal yoga increases strength and flexibility and can alleviate common prenatal ailments, all while helping a woman to prepare her body for labor and birth. Yoga also encourages a woman to connect with her pregnancy and her baby’s growth as a journey into motherhood. Through this journey, a woman can learn to trust herself, and her connection with the Universe, ultimately feeling more deeply connected with baby. The group setting of prenatal yoga provides a woman with a close-knit community of support, within which resources, questions, concerns and excitements can be shared openly.

Prenatal Yoga

This Prenatal Yoga series will consist of gentle, strengthening, and safe flows designed to support the body and mind through all stages of pregnancy. Each class will incorporate strengthening poses, restorative poses, breath work, meditation, and guided relaxation.

Prenatal Yoga Practice Essentials:

  • Connecting with the breath for support in pregnancy, labor and birth
  • Strengthening the pelvic floor muscles- Kegel exercises
  • Squatting – strengthens gluteus muscles, supporting overall pelvic floor health
  • Utilizing and strengthening the transverse abdominals
  • Meditating– quiet time to reduce stress and cultivate a more relaxed state in which to connect with baby

No previous yoga experience necessary.

Always consult with your doctor or midwife to find out if prenatal yoga is appropriate for your pregnancy.

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