Full Moon Journey

with Corinne Feinberg
Monthly, on or near the full moon (see dates below) | 7:15-8:45pm
COST: Use your class pass, membership, 30 days for $30 pass, or pay a drop-in rate of $15

The Full Moon Journey class will be not be held during the summer. This monthly class will be offered again beginning in September.

The potent energy available during the full moon phase marks a perfect time to join in community and rebalance your emotional, physical and mental states of being with the healing sounds of quartz crystal singing bowls.

Each Full Moon Journey will be centered around a theme that is particular to the moon cycle, and guided by 4 or more crystal bowls each correlating to a major chakra, or energy center of the body. Our chakras are responsible for the health of our body, mind, and emotions on an energetic level, and when our energy centers are in balance it has a healing affect on our entire being.

What to Expect:

Participants will rest on their yoga mat with the support of bolsters and blankets as the crystal bowl journey takes place. Herbal tea and integration will conclude our time together where anyone can share their experience, ask questions, and receive support for their continued healing. Expect to awaken the dreaming mind, rest your bones, and share in the support of safe space created by a nurturing community of kindred spirits gathered in the light of the full moon.

Full Moon Journey Dates:

May 9th
June 7th
September 5th
October 3rd
November 7th
December 5th

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Corinne F.

About Corinne:

Corinne Feinberg is a certified Reiki Master and Teacher in the tradition of Usui/Holy Fire Reiki® and Karuna Holy Fire Reiki®, an herbalist trained in the Wise Women tradition of plant spirit medicine, Kripalu-certified yoga teacher & crystal bowl sound healing facilitator. Corinne’s passion for the healing arts began with seeking alternative modalities to support her journey through Chronic Lyme Disease. It was the gift of Reiki energy healing that lead Corinne to experience freedom from her symptoms and ultimately healed her from the disease. Since then, Corinne has found her passion in offering the gift of alternative healing methods to those who are open, ready, and willing to move through a deep healing process. She has been featured in Reiki News Magazine’s Fall 2013 issue for her journey through Lyme Disease, as well as on the wellness site Mind Body Green. She hosts monthly workshops and trainings in NYC & VT. Corinne specializes in empowering others to understand themselves more fully by getting out of their heads and into feeling sensations in order to move through life with awareness and intention. She can be reached via her website: www.pathlighthealing.com

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