Yoga for Everyone

Yoga for Everyone, taught by a variety of Putney Moves teachers, is a FREE 75 minute class that is offered on Fridays, 5:30-6:45pm. This class is for everyone (all experience and ability levels)!

About The Class

This class is accessible to all ages and ability levels and designed to help soothe the stiffness and achiness from sitting too long at a desk or from life in general. Enjoy a safe and supportive environment focused on breathing, stretching and strengthening the body while calming the mind.

This student-centered vinyasa flow class features a variety of poses and flowing movements to improve flexibility, balance, physical comfort and peace of mind. It can be practiced in a vigorous or gentle way. This is YOUR YOGA, so extensions, variations and modifications will be provided along the way to meet individual needs. Props are available to enhance your practice in any way needed. The overall intention of this class is to make yoga accessible to everyone. We look forward to seeing you soon!

About Veronica

Veronica I have been an educator for close to 30 years. Movement, art, and mathematics have a special place in my heart. Teaching has included every age from pre-school to adult and at a variety of institutions including Smith College, Baystate Medical Center, Kripalu, and Omega Institute. I live in Westminster West with my family of both 2-leggeds and 4- leggeds and enjoy making jewelry and photography, along with crafting new ideas and visions for a life well lived. Most recently, this has included learning how to offer a well designed vinyasa flow yoga class that meets you where you are both physically and emotionally within a strong framework of breath, sutra, alignment, and compassion.

My belief is that Yoga is the multi-dimensional trifecta of mind, voice, and heart. You are enough just because you exist. Being who and what you truly are and celebrating where these elements meet on and off the mat is the work. Together, let’s continually refine, recalibrate, and adjust with self-love, creativity, and integrity.

About Kellyn

KellynKellyn McCullough (MSW, RYT-200) is a certified yoga teacher who recently completed her training at Down Under School of Yoga in Boston where she trained in Vinyasa yoga with some influence from Ashtanga and Iyengar yoga.

Kellyn has been an avid yoga practitioner for the past 6 years and is very grateful to be able to take her passion to the next level and begin teaching in Putney. Kellyn has a special interest in the specificity of alignment in poses and using yoga as a self-care tool to work toward balance and union both on and off the mat.

Kellyn’s day job is in social work and she is excited about connecting her interests in the helping profession and yoga. When she is not working or practicing yoga Kellyn loves to take long walks and spend as much time outside as possible, travel and explore with her husband, Alex, and spend time in her kitchen cooking, baking, and canning with the seasons.

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