Our Very First Post: Welcome!

Our Very First Post: Welcome!


 Perhaps our bodies ache from the unnatural postures we adopt 

to work on computers, drive cars, and slouch on sofas. Perhaps our minds, constantly bombarded by stimuli and distractions, have difficulty focusing, taking in information, and being present with friends and family.  Perhaps our hearts feel unclear and disempowered after months or years of pushing our deepest desires out of our daily lives.  Perhaps we yearn for authenticity, deep interpersonal connections, or meaningful work. Our culture has begun to take for granted that many of us feel disconnected, fragmented, and just plain tired– we hope to present you with refreshing ways to think about life as well as to structure and live it, to spark interesting and meaningful dialogue in the comments, and to expose you to the most exciting new resources culled from our research.


We hope this blog will open up discussions on how we can integrate yoga and mindfulness into our daily lives: at work, at home, and in the world.  We hope to explore ways to release pain and disappointment; to think about how we can infuse our days with gratitude; to work toward repatterning our thoughts so that they lift us and others up instead of dragging us into thought spirals and self-sabotage. We want to take a stab at questions of how we can increase our energy, clarity, and health while exploring the idea of a fulfilling life lived in service to others.


     Our maxim is “Begin Where You Are”  

     Everything we post here comes with express permission to begin where you are. But what does that mean? Begin where you are means begin now. It means that no excuses or closed doors stand in your way, and removes everything but your own will from the equation. Begin where you aremeans that you don’t need any special background, experience, ability level, or clothing to get something from these pages that you can begin to implement right away.

You can begin anytime and you can begin multiple times. Begin with what interests you first, whether it’s getting yourself to a free Intro to Yoga workshop, reading about mindfulness, executing your first Downward Dog in the living room(link), or attempting a new breathing exercise(link). You will not find any expectation of perfection among these writings….only love and acceptance, and the hope that you will read, be inspired by something, and give it a chance to become some small part of your life. So begin as many times as you need to and begin right where you are (whether you’re in your pj’s, have 5 minutes to spare, or have never set foot on a yoga mat before).  Just begin.


We’ll Be Telling Stories


Whether you are new to yoga or a seasoned practitioner, you will find this blog to be a source of unwavering support, audacity, and radiant optimism for your day-to-day life.  Through a multitude of voices (yoga teachers and students from all walks of life) we will be sharing stories on:


  1. Daily Yoga:  How you can integrate yoga into your life;  daily rituals to support you in living mindfully and powerfully;  restart strategies for when you feel tired, frustrated, sad, or don’t feel like doing yoga.
  2. Myth Busters:  Myths such as I’m not flexible enough to do yoga or Yogis are always peaceful will be dispelled and replaced with empowering conceptions of yoga.
  3. Creating Inner Stability:  How yoga can help you cope with stress and feeling fragmented as well as how it can support you in making an impact in the world.
  4. The Workplace:  How yoga can make you better at your job…including being a better leader, and thoughts for negotiating the ever-elusive balance of life and work with grace.


Overall, this blog is meant to inspire you to know yourself better than you did yesterday and to use that knowledge to elevate your body, mind, and heart. We are learning alongside you– if there’s ever a way in which we’re coming up short, an alternate viewpoint you’d like us to share, or you have comments or questions for us, please get in touch! We want this blog to be a collaboration, and your thoughts are an important part of bringing it to life and helping us evolve to meet your needs and feed your dreams.


                                                 Ready to begin?  Start here. 


To taking the leap and beginning right where you are!


     Want to Contribute to Begin Where You Are?

Contact us for a spot as a guest blogger or to contribute a comment, critique, or piece of interesting information!


*Would be cool to have a short video of breathwork a 1 minute meditation to link people to…..maybe we could do that and then add links to them once we have that together.

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