Changes to Memberships & Class Passes

Over the last several months I have been spending a lot of time in reflection on the intentions of Putney Moves…why are we here and why are we doing what we’re doing.  I ask myself these questions all of the time.  And I am always listening for the answers, which come from you (through your feedback, sharing in class, and our conversations) and from my own heart.

For me, owning and directing Putney Moves is a work of love and a work of service.  I see the practice of yoga and connection to community as a vital part of life.  When we gather, move, breathe, and connect, we are engaging in sacred work.  What we do on our mats matters because it is a mirror for what we do in our lives. 

When we practice moving and breathing at the same time, we practice being conscious human beings – aware and present to our experience.  When we practice challenging poses, we practice embracing challenging moments in our lives.  When we practice resting in savasana, we practice slowing down and receiving each moment as a gift.   

Each morning when I sit down at my desk, I ask myself how can I make Putney Moves better.  How can I best support you?  How can I help you achieve your goals?  How can I support you in living a life of your design?  

You see, you matter to me a great deal.  I care deeply about you.  And I want to support you in meeting your intentions and achieving your goals.  

We all want to make some sort of change in our life, whether it be in our body, mind, or heart.  There is something we all desire…some way of being or feeling that we crave.  Maybe we want to experience more ease in our life, make a career change, be free from pain, love ourselves more, have a stronger relationship with our partner, parents, or children, or maybe we simply want to sleep better.  

What I have learned through personal experience, research, and from observing and understanding how others make change is that change is all about consistency.  When we stay focused on the goal and consistently show up, we make change.  That’s it.     

When considering how I can make Putney Moves better, I think of all the reasons why we start a yoga practice and all the ways in which it can fall by the wayside, even with the best of intentions.  It’s this that I want to affect the most.  I want to make it easier and more doable for you, and others, to start and maintain a yoga practice.

It is with this in mind that beginning, February 1st we will transition to a Membership Model.  Our new Membership Model will invite you to commit to and maintain a consistent practice.  

When we practice yoga consistently we have the opportunity to attend to and support our bodies.  We experience increased strength, improved flexibility and balance, heightened mental focus, increased breathing capacity, improved digestion, and a dramatic reduction in stress. 

Additionally, when we practice yoga regularly we have the great opportunity to affect our minds and hearts.  Because when we practice yoga, we practice loving ourselves and loving each other.  We practice coming to peace with what is (the current circumstances within our lives and world) and harnessing an internal strength to carry on. We practice doing hard things.  We also practice joy and gratitude.  Most of all we practice showing up, no matter what, for ourselves and for each other.  

So how can I help you meet your intentions?  By creating an environment that sets you up for success.  I see our new Membership Model as just that…a pathway to consistency, self-care, and big changes!

We love being a small business in Putney and absolutely delight in supporting the local community with ongoing opportunities to increase health and wellbeing.  We are so happy to be here and plan on being in business for a long time.  To that end, we need to adjust our pricing and pricing options so that we can remain a steady and stable business.  A membership model will help ensure Putney Moves remains strong and healthy for years to come. 

Our new Membership Model will take effect February 1st.  We will offer 3 memberships for you to choose from, depending on your needs and intentions, as well as the New Student Special and a Drop-In rate.  We will no longer sell class passes (however, we will continue to accept class passes until they are completed).  What we have discovered, in regards to class passes, is that they do not encourage consistency.  Many class pass holders take classes sporadically even though the intention may be to be consistent.  What we have seen too often is class pass holders taking months and sometimes over a year to use a 5 or 10 class pass.  That infrequency with a yoga practice will yield few results plus it makes it challenging for creating a healthy and strong business.

I understand these changes may come with some questions so we have created an FAQ page to provide you with answers.  If your question is not addressed in our FAQ’s, please send us an email

In Addition to the Membership Model We Are Also:
-Improving our class sign in process (both in-person and online)
-Making the online workshop registration process way easier 
-Creating more opportunities to gather and connect as a community
-Creating online yoga classes
-Offering online Yoga Advisor sessions
-Adding more incentives and challenges to inspire your yoga practice
-Offering a monthly therapeutic-based workshop 
-Creating workshop offerings in alignment with the seasons
-Offering a variety of Private Sessions including Yoga Alignment, Yoga Therapy, Nutrition and Health Coaching, and Home Practice Coaching. 

We are on fire about Putney Moves and all that is possible with the practice of yoga.  Our goal is to create a studio that supports your whole being, connects you with a vibrant community, and motivates you to live the life you desire.    

We are 100% focused on supporting you and helping you meet your intentions and goals.  We want to do everything we can to help you succeed in all the ways that matter to you.  

We are also committed to being here for a long long time. We appreciate your understanding and support of these changes so much, thank you.  

With love and gratitude,

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