30 Day Yoga Challenge

What would it be like to practice yoga every single day for the next month?
What transformations would you experience?
What would you gain from a daily practice?
Who would you become?

Our 30 Day Yoga Challenge begins January 1.
By the end of January you could feel:

-Limber and mobile
-More aware of your thoughts
-Focused, clear, and determined
-Motivated to keep going
-Peaceful and calm
-Inspired by what you can accomplish
-A dramatic decrease in stress and overwhelm
-Calm instead of anxious
-Relaxed and grounded
-Healthier and happier
-Mindful (paying closer attention to each action you do, more present, and more aware and alive in each moment)

What will you feel? Take the 30 Day Challenge to find out!

During this challenge you will be asked to show up on your mat as often as you can with the goal being everyday during the month of January. We know that life happens and 30 days might not be doable for you but 10 days out of 30 is better than 0 days. Don’t let your schedule and life keep you from committing to yourself. You are worth it.

Whomever attends the most classes in January will win a FREE MONTH OF YOGA….and there will be other prizes too! But you can’t win, if you don’t play.

The 30 Day Yoga Challenge BEGINS JANUARY 1.
It’s FREE to Join In!
Use your class pass or membership to attend classes.

Want to Participate? Here’s How:

2. On Jan 1 we will post a tracking board in the studio so you can log your classes.
3. Each time you take class place a ⭐ sticker on the date you attended.
4. The person who takes the most classes in January will WIN A FREE MONTH OF YOGA. Other prizes will also be awarded!

Included in the Challenge:

-Ongoing emails to keep you motivated and on track with your 30 day challenge.
-A CELEBRATION! At the end of the 30 days we will celebrate and honor your commitment as well as all that you gained from the experience.

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