Yoga Therapy

Yoga therapy, offered by Lara Darrow, enhances human function and body-mind integration through movement and body awareness.

Yoga Therapy Includes:
  • Yoga postural and movement evaluation
  • Experiential anatomy and imagery
  • Movement patterning and re-patterning
  • Communication and guidance through touch and verbal cues
Yoga Therapy Helps Clients To:
  • Focus on the body both as an objective physical process and as a subjective process of lived consciousness
  • Refine perceptual, kinesthetic, proprioceptive, and interoceptive sensitivity that supports homeostasis and self-regulation
  • Recognize habitual patterns of perceptual, postural and movement interaction with the environment
  • Improve movement coordination that supports structural, functional and expressive integration
  • Experience an embodied sense of vitality and create both meaning for and enjoyment of life
Yoga therapy is for people in all stages of health and development.
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Rates for Yoga Therapy Sessions

60-Minute Sessions:
1 Session: $85
5 Sessions: $375
10 Sessions: $700

90-Minute Sessions:
1 Session: $100
5 Sessions: $450
10 Sessions: $850

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